Al-Falah Educational Trust Management

Sufi Irfan Qadiri


Sufi Irfan Qadiri comes from a well-known Sufi family who has spiritually enlightened the hearts over decades. Since he arrived in New Zealand, he has been involved in an Islamic Leadership role

Maulana Wasim Malik

Ustadh / Teacher

Maulana Wasim Malik is the youngest Imam of Masjid Al Mustafa – New Zealand. He always had a strong connection with Islam and studied Islamic Theology from England.

Waseem Ashraf

Founding Trustee

I moved to New Zealand in 1993 after graduating and completing my education. Since moving to New Zealand, I have worked in different industries and successfully run my Automotive and

Naveed Hamid

Founding Trustee

Naveed Hamid is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in business and social enterprise leadership and management at positions of increasing responsibility.

Farooq Chaudhry

Founding Trustee

Farooq completed his studies, including Hifz e- Quran in Pakistan, leading Salat e Taraweeh for six consecutive years. Later he started his journey as an entrepreneur and business owner;

Shahid Malik

Founding Trustee

Shahid mahmood

Founding Trustee